Regenerative Complex

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What Are Exosomes?

Exosome treatments are based on the most cutting-edge scientific biotech breakthrough based on research into stem cells. Exosomes are responsible for cell to cell communication and for facilitating the exchange of RNA and other important proteins between cells (e.g. fibroblasts, keratinocytes, immune cells, etc.), in addition to transferring numerous growth factors and cytokines and genetic materials that have shown signs of tissue repair and improving skin cells. Exosomes are much smaller than cells and can travel throughout the body freely. They have a low risk of rejection or negative reactions.

Out Patient Treatment:

Our Exosome Regenerative Complex is an outpatient treatment. Exosome therapy can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour, depending on what parts of the body we’re treating. The injections are relatively painless, and there is no downtime – you will be able to continue with your regular life activities immediately after treatment.

How can Exosome Regenerative Complex Help You?

  • Reduce joint inflammation
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Slow down the progression of arthritis
  • Speed up the healing of wounds
  • Speed up the healing of fractured bones
  • Protect and repair the destruction of cartilage