Hair Loss Therapy

Natural Hair Growth

For Men & Women

Advanced Technology

We are using the latest scientific advances in hair loss treatment combining Dr. Jin's Hair Growth Factor Serum to give amazing results.
Our Hair Loss Treatment was created for hair loss in men and women due to stress, pregnancy, cosmetics, previous hair grafts, trauma, androgenic alopecia, traditional alopecia, and alopecia areata. RJ Clinical's Hair Loss Treatment stimulates natural hair growth, reverses hair loss and prevents thinning or loss of existing hair.
The Growth Factor Scalp Revive Serum is a technologically advanced formulation of growth factors shown to promote hair growth. Our GF Scalp Revive Serum provides your hair roots with a continuous supply of growth factors necessary for optimal hair growth and maintenance.


Hair LossTreatment
Mario came to RJ Clinical Institute early spring 2017 for Hair Loss Treatment. Within six weeks of treatment, he reported his first signs of hair.
"Now I have to start combing my hair again. I even started putting pomade to keep it down. My wife says, "I am still ugly but at least you have hair..." - Mario

46 yr. old Male: Baseline to 12 wks

40 Year Old Female: Base Line to 3 Months

65 Year Old Female: Base Line to 3 Months

53 Year Old Male: Base Line to 6 Months

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