Helping Patient’s Live Life Pain Free

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Hip Pain.

Helping Patient’s Live Life Pain Free

New Year resolutions, seem to always begin with the need to feel better and goals to finally get healthy. After such an indulging season of filling up with delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, most of us are excited to get going on our health goals! For us, during the first part of the year, we begin to see new patients - patients that while working on their fitness goals run into injuries and begin to experience pain.

Joint pain doesn’t always happen because of ‘old age’ sometimes the overuse, or sudden injury occurs. Even the most physically fit or experienced can fall victim to joint pain, which can take even months to heal. Our patient’s need is increasingly centered on the capacity to operate with a full range of motion in their knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, and other joints. To experience a setback during such a critical time in their health journey can be devastating. The good news is that though, the road to recovery may seem long, therapies such as Joint Treatment (Platelet-Rich Plasma) with Growth Factors + Exosomes can help speed up recovery!

Most Common Injuries:

• Acute Injury - When the injury is caused by a traumatic, sudden event such as a fall.
• Chronic Injury – The result of repeated overuse such as tennis elbow or runner’s knee.

In both cases, Joint Treatment, better known as PRP Therapy can relieve the pain associated with the injured joint. Studies have shown that PRP Therapy can help repair tissue and reduce the need for surgical intervention. PRP Joint Treatment enhances your body's natural regenerative capabilities to create new cartilage tissue, improve function, and reduce pain.

Recently, one of our patients began to experience hip pain that made it hard for her to achieve daily tasks without pain. Her very active lifestyle led to the injury of her right hip, she experienced pain even when doing simple everyday tasks, like putting on her shoes.


“Before coming to see Dr. Jin I was barely able to lift my right leg and experienced extreme pain with walking and even putting on my shoes in the morning in my right hip. I was tired of experiencing such excruciating pain even with daily tasks and decided to try PRP to bring some relief. Even just several days after I noticed a HUGE difference and was finally able to put on my shoes in the morning and walk without pain which has changed my daily life for the better.” S.L., 41-year-old female

We are so happy to be able to help our patients enjoy life with a restored full range of motion and PAIN-FREE! Our patient received Joint Treatment (PRP Therapy) and we advised her to limit her exercise for 2-3 days after. We encouraged her to move her joint and made suggestions on great stretching exercises she could do. Now our patient has been able to resume her daily activities and take on new ones as well!